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Project Partners

Our primary project partners are Lee Storm of Storm Creative Design in Gloucester, UK and David Gagne of David Gagne Design in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Lee Tempest

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Completely immersed in the Open Source Joomla CMS. Developing and implementing websites that give clients the ability to control their own content. An expanding knowledge and understanding of PHP, MYSQL, Web 2.0 and HTML5 technologies. The ability to design and construct responsive templates, making website work on all devices, desktop, tablet and smartphone.


Website Design, Joomla Development, Joomla websites, Joomla developer, Joomla Templates, Graphic Design, Business Communications, Sustainable Design, Business Development

David Gagne

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David Gagne Logo Stroke K.pngGood design is more than the sum of its parts. I love looking at a beautiful magazine spread, illustration, or app and experiencing the immense power a simple arrangement of elements can possess. The ability to enchant is not exclusive to visual design. All forms of art can transcend their makeup when possessing the right combinations of ingredients.